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A taste of Paris
  • A taste of Paris
    Pascal's Pastries are a taste of Paris!
  • Take and Bake
    'Take and Bake" real French pastries — Thaw bake and voilà!
  • Cinnamon rolls
    Cinnamon rolls - Flaky, light, fantastic - no gooey icing or overly sweet.
  • Classic croissants
    Classic croissants - A simple, beautiful pastry with that distinct French crisp.
  • Pain au chocolat
    Pain au chocolat - Another French classic, fab with a coffee and a smile.
  • brioches
    Brioche - A creamy, dreamy cloud of heaven kissed by a crunch of pearl sugar.
  • Chouquettes
    Chouquettes - Darling little pastry puffs sprinkled with pearl sugar. Délicieuses!
  • Croissant and pain au chocolat
    Croissant & pain au chocolat - Two classics, don't choose, have both.

Croissant Day 2015


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What is "Take and Bake"? Just what it sounds like: we make them, you take and bake them!

We handcraft fine French pastries and then vacuum seal them fresh frozen. Thaw, bake and voilà! The best French pastries this side of Paris.

Made with Canadian ingredients and French amour. By a real French Pastry Chef from France. And you.

French. Fast. Easy. Ooh la la.

Pascal's specializes in 'Viennoiserie'
Click here to find out more... PDF document

Viennoiserie, Boulangerie Viennoise

Pastry to the people!

 Pascal's frozen pastries

Visit our Unbakery Pastry Boutique

Stock up your pastry pantry (your freezer) and bake your own French pastries fresh whenever you want. You will love them and so will family, friends and colleagues. Pick-up from our centrally located Pastry Boutique 8 blocks north of Chinook Centre (see hours), or from one of our specialty retailers near you.

Pascals is talked about - in the nicest way...

What an absolutely beautiful way to start my day - I have never ever had anything close to this kind of wonderful!
Bruce MacMillan, Owner Limitless - Calgary

"Dear Pascal's Pastries: you complete me."
Gord Fontaine, Soffritto

"I just ate a croissant and a brioche - I have died and gone to heaven!!!!!!!" Theresa Munch

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Pascal's Pastries


From Classic French Croissant to Parisian Pain au Chocolat, Brioche, Chouquette, and Cinnamon Roll, they are pure bliss.

All our pastries are crafted artisanally with the best of locally and internationally sourced natural ingredients we can find: the finest flour, unsalted butter, filtered water, a sprinkle of organic cane sugar, a pinch of pure salt.

Gorgeous, authentic French pastry: layers and layers of fine, delicate, flakiness with a crisp that kisses your lips. Just like they're supposed to be.

Ingredients Manifesto
We the pastrymakers promise you
the pastrylovers:

#1  LOVE
We pledge the first ingredient we roll into our pastries is love
We put our hearts into our pastries. Perhaps that’s why when we do bake, we always seem to find heart-shaped pastry crumbs everywhere - really! It may sound a bit cliché but don’t you believe you can taste the difference love makes?

We pledge to use the finest natural local and international ingredients
Nine flours and five butters later, we strive to source the most natural and best tasting ingredients we can find so we can craft the highest quality pastries for your best possible pastry experience ever.

We pledge our pastries will always possess that certain “je ne sais quoi"
Not just because Pascal is French ~ he was born and raised in Toulouse, France ~ but because pastrymaking is his passion. He has handmade over 2 million pastries in the nearly 25 years since he started at age 14. He is now solely dedicated to the pastry genre of ‘Viennoiserie’ ~ a dying art even in France.

Ingredients Infographic

Here is a current list disclosing the provenance of each and every single ingredient we use including an allergen alert. 


Flag of France  Nous parlons & écrivons Français.